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Fulfilling dreams of beautiful skin !Chemical Peels are an effective, non-invasive procedure to eliminate fine-lines and wrinkles, remove signs of acne scarring, sun damage and pigmentation. This process wipes out the dead cells on the outermost layer which results in fresh and healthy skin growth. In this procedure, a chemical solution is applied to the skin which penetrates only through the outermost layer of the skin gently exfoliating it. The result reduces the amount of wrinkles greatly, gifting you a rejuvenated feel. This process also improves the texture of the skin and makes it soft and supple. Light chemical peels produce no discomfort and don’t need the use of any pain killers as such. Chemical peel can effectively treat any sun damage, uneven pigmentation and actinic keratoses (an early precursor to skin cancer manifested as a scaly patch on the skin). This chemical peel also helps in the better functioning of your other cosmetic products due to the removal of the layer of dead skin. Chemical peels are capable of treating the following conditions effectively:• Melasma (pigmentation of cheek)• Acne scarring• Skin lightening• Crow’s feet• Sagging skin

Anti Aging made easy!The process of premature aging among the youth and signs of aging in the previous generations is causing trouble by preventing them from putting their best foot forward. Good health, strong muscles, an efficient immune system, a sharp memory and a healthy brain are characteristic of ideal youth. Signs of aging must not be a concern holding back the evolving generations in this world of technology. Our personalized Anti-Aging programme aims to maintain and achieve the perfect characteristic, irrespective of chronological age i.e. to stay healthy and biologically efficient. Here’s to being able to choose the option of excelling in life and succeeding with flying colors, free of anything that can hold you back. Aging comes with a wide variety of imbalances that lead to loss of control over your own body and affects the energy levels, mood, accuracy and speed, all of which are highly important in the present world. Dr.Krithika’s anti-aging program can address a wide range of age-related issues.• Mood swings• Fatigue• Lack of libido• Irregular periods• Wrinkles, sagging, and dry skin• Low energy levels• Sleep problems• Weight gain

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Dr.Krithika. S. Ravindran M.S,M.Ch



A Gold Medalist in M.Ch plastic surgery from the National’s premier medical institute, Madras Medical College. She specializes in the art of Cosmetic plastic Surgery and still in pursuit of the Excellence in the field. She has received her training in Cosmetic Surgery and Age Management from Internationally acclaimed Pioneers. Specializes in surgical and non-surgical aspects in Body Sculpting, Fat transfer, Scar Management, LASER treatments and Facial Rejuvenation procedures. Strong believer in offering quality personalized client care. She also practices the concept of Inner Health and Outer Beauty by combining Aesthetic Surgery and Age Management (anti-aging) for healthy people. She believes that all people deserve a chance at a better life, regardless of economic and world boundaries. Dr.Krithika’s surgical expertise and charismatic demeanor has garned her in several media appearances. She has done daily women based healthcare program in Raj TV, IBC(Tamil), Vanavil TV.


I was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time She has good attitude towards patients, She will listen what you said and give correct explantation what is the root cause of the issue.

Shrija .S

was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction Loved the way doctor approached to my issue. Getting my skin treatment from her and she gave me practical and realistic approach. Been consulting with doctor for more than a year and I have seen drastic changes with my skin and a healthier one. ????????????


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